The best-laid plans lead to the best surprises, those magical moments that elevate a trip to a journey and experience to priceless memory. Sometimes they come from realizing the Eiffel Tower is really a huge, flexing giant when you see it in person after gazing at it in travel articles for years. Other times, it's having the chance to talk to that charming village historian who gives you the biggest hug when you both realize your ancestors’ births are recorded in the same church registry. Or it's that chance to live the fantasy that sustained you during long days at work of spreading a picnic in a grassy meadow before the Himalayas.

AHI Travel understands what makes for magical moments on your vacation. Our itineraries take you to the profound and famous places everyone must see, the secret gems only locals know about and provide blissful breaks for you to realize your own plans. The results, as you'll see in our own travelers' words, speak for themselves.

In Their Own Words

Our recent trip to Lucca was fantastic. All side trips, meals, lectures and guides were so well coordinated. Our Campus Director, Chiara Bracaloni, was superb, just the right mixture of friendliness, and professionalism. Thanks to all who helped to put this great trip together.

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the Egyptian Tour. It was a 5-star experience in all respects: John Powell, the Tour Director, was a delight and very, very good at his job; our superb Egyptian guides; the company of fellow travelers; the accommodations – and of course Egypt itself. Everyone we met was marvelous. We were busy – many very early mornings to get to the sites before the hordes of tourists, but we had plenty of time to rest up. The venues were fascinating, the guides provided so much information about the antiquities and modern Egypt.

The trip to Argentina and Chile from March 28 to April 4 was the most outstanding trip!! Everything was perfect and the main reason for the success of this trip was CECILIA BERRY!!! From the moment we met her till we had to leave, she was always available for anything, checking us in and out, and just helping with any advice! Her personality and background history was such an asset...she has the most pleasant personality and she was so gracious in many ways. I just wanted your agency to know how delightful she was to all of us and how fortunate AHI is to have her as a Travel Director. And this is about the 4th AHI trip I have taken and as always everything was perfect... Thank you.

I want to express my thanks to you and all the AHI staff that made my recent trip to Peru a wonderful, memorable experience. AHI provided remarkable service at every step of the journey beginning with your patient guidance as we debated air routes to the final moment when we were bid goodbye as we approached our gate in the Lima terminal. The care everyone took to assure that every detail was smoothly executed and that our comfort and safety were never in question guaranteed we were able to savor every moment to the fullest. I have special praise for Alejandra Cabieses, the most unflappable organizer and implementer I've ever encountered. She never lost her patience or good humor with us. I have traveled a great deal in my life but never before took a tour. AHI has succeeded in convincing me that tours can be not only an efficient way to experience a new country but also a wonderful social experience.

Philip Ryan, our tour director, was stellar. Gracious, polite, knowledgeable, respectful, concerned and brilliant at his job. He was as good at reading people and situations as he was at quietly leading the group. On free days, he went out of his way to suggest itineraries, make arrangements and personally escort several of the more challenged passengers. He genuinely seems to enjoy what he does, and the passengers enjoyed him.

I wanted to contact you right away to tell you what a wonderful trip we had. AHI is an outstanding company, as our co-travelers told us they had discovered. Most of the people on the trip had traveled with you many times. I can see why. The boat and staff were outstanding, and the lectures and tours interesting. Thank you for all you did. I'll certainly recommend AHI to my traveler friends.

This will let you know we consider the AHI Amalfi trip absolutely superb! It was our 4th AHI trip to Italy and all of them have been great. I would be hard pressed to choose the best from our 4 AHI trips: Lake Country, Tuscany, Riviera, Amalfi: but Amalfi is tops in many ways. One of them is the quality of the Campus Director – Chiara Bracoloni. She was outstanding! She handled everything during the week perfectly. I hope we encounter her again on another AHI trip to Italy someday.

On May 18 we returned from China after a wonderful experience on AHI's discovery tour China and the Yangtze River. The trip was more than we expected and we believe it was as good as it was in large part because of Travel Director Christine Guyot. Christine is a dedicated professional who knows her business and accomplishes what needs to be done. Our thanks to everyone at AHI, and especially Christine.
~D.B. and M.B.

I especially commend our tour conductor Jessica Powers. She is a lovely lady who made the trip a complete and beautiful success. We would all go with her to the moon or Mars, or wherever. Thanks again!

My wife and I have recently returned from a cruise with Crystal on which Mr. John Powell was the director. John performed all of the normal tasks of a director, however, he went out of his way regarding a problem we had. The obtaining a solution was not part of his job but he did it. My wife and I feel you should know the goodwill this creates by employees, in this case, John Powell.

Katie, would you please pass on to the AHI company how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Argentina and Chile? I would have to say that our favorite part was the time on Mare Australis. It was thrilling to be able to land on Cape Horn. Cecilia was a wonderful tour director. When we were threatened with delays, she worked miracles with airlines,etc. and we got everywhere on time. She is definitely an asset to your company. The hotels we stayed at on the trip were top notch and one of the reasons I decided to go. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we are eager to travel again with AHI.

Emiliano Rio was our South American Tour Director, and he was simply the most competent Tour Director we could have imagined. He explained everything in advance in the most articulate manner. He took care of every detail, no matter how small, such as filling out our customs forms for the Chilean border crossing. Emi “made” the trip for us. From the time he met us at the Buenos Aires airport until he led us to the proper gate to check in for our flight home, Emit took exquisite care of everyone.
~H.B. and B.B.

My wife and I recently returned from your Argentina and Chile adventure. We had a great time and will recommend these trips to all our friends. We never had a hitch, probably because of great planning by your tour director Jose Moguel. He seemed more a part of our group than a tour director. Jose was outstanding. We will consider very strongly going on any trip your company is running. Thanks again for a great adventure.

We all agree that this trip was one of the most enjoyable and memorable of a lifetime! All the elements were in place for an extraordinary trip. Foremost among the factors contributing to the trip’s success was our tour guide Mick Plewman who proved to be an exceptional leader/director for our group. He gave tireless attention to every detail of our travel and our accommodations, and with humor and gentle persistence, he managed that we all enjoyed traveling within the given constraints of time and itinerary. Truly, his knowledge of every area and destination was superior-again, personalized with humor and profound information. It was Mick's strength of personality that melded our very diverse group into one of new and interactive friendships. He achieved all of this and more with a gentle hand and an understanding approach to each situation and personality. I am writing to you regarding Mick because I think that we all felt like we had a new friend in Mick and therefore, a new friend in AHI.

What outstanding campus directors your company employs. Indeed, having completed four trips with AHI, I cannot praise Joannie and Fred enough. As president, you must delight in having hired such wonderful individuals. I thank both Joannie Herbst and Fred Burke for everything they did for me and commend them as outstanding campus directors.

This was truly a most wonderful trip in every way, and I attribute that to your Tour Director, Jessie Lim-Pendergrass. She was helpful, gracious, concerned, flexible, and in every way she did whatever she though would make the trip more interesting and pleasant for the group.

My husband and I have traveled on numerous vacations and tours to many countries. Our vacation to Ireland through AHI International has been the best-organized and enjoyable vacation we have ever had. This has been largely due to our tour director, Therese. We have never had a tour director take as much interest as she did. She was gracious and efficient. How lucky you are to have her on your staff.

Our purpose in writing is to let you know that, in our opinion, Valentina Cioffrese ranks among the very best guides we have known. She is a superb administrator: witness the fact that during our day trip not a thing went wrong among the numerous travel and tour arrangements that had to work. She made everything seem effortless. Her wonderful sense of humor and positive view of things made for a light and enjoyable atmosphere wherever we went. In conclusion, AHI should be proud of such a dedicated and skilled employee.
~H.L. and J.L.

Our tour director, Simona, was an outstanding part of your program – she is attentive to individual needs and preferences, is very knowledgeable and makes each activity very positive. You have a jewel.

We have just returned from the most enjoyable trip of a lifetime in South Africa. If it had not been for our wonderful tour director, John Powell, I do not think our trip would have been as enjoyable as it was. His people skills combined with his great knowledge of South Africa made this trip the best. His sense of humor was indeed a pleasure along with his ability to handle our group and keep all “in tow.” I would take any trip anywhere, as long as John was there giving us our directions. You have quite a gem in John!

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent support you provided in getting us prepared for the alumni trip to Spain… You made it smooth and easy and kept us well informed. We had a great time, saw a lot and learned a lot. And our companions were super people. Special praise should go to Enrique Trave who is simply “tops.” How could one possibly find a more attentive, positive, and effective Tour Director? He is a gem.
~D.W. and C.W.

I am writing to commend our Campus Director for this tour of Provence and the French Riviera, Fred Burke… Fred is a highly intelligent, caring, warm, humorous, person. His preparation and follow through are thorough and meticulous. Everyday was an adventure with Fred at the helm. It would be my pleasure to book another ACA trip with Fred as director. Somehow, he makes everything go smoothly in his enthusiastic and charming way and is an asset to your organization.

Just a quick note from me to let you know what a SUPER trip we all had with the AHI travel rep. Janeen and the trip was perfect. Every day my friend Margaret and I discussed haw today could be any better than the day before, it never happened… You folks have dotted the I's and crossed the T's throughout. We got more than our monies worth. This was my second AHI trip and certainly will not be the last. Thanks for finally getting me to New Zealand and making it the trip of dreams!

I recently completed a trip to Russia with AHI, Peter the Great. Philip Ryan was our tour director. He did an absolutely outstanding job. Because of him, the trip was very well organized, with maximum use of time available... My wife and I enjoyed the trip, in no small part due to Philip’s expertise, so much that we are considering future trips with AHI.

I believe the group of 43 would all agree that Charlotta was great in every respect. I was on a trip to Tuscany with AHI about 3 years ago. The leader was excellent then also. You have established an enviable reputation for good people in the field.
~D.W. and E.W.

I have nothing but praise for Ines Becerra. She was the Campus Director for our recent trip to Tuscany. She was extremely professional in providing us with a most enjoyable, relaxed, and informative trip. She seemed to know just how much information to provide so we weren't overwhelmed… My wife and I look forward to more trips with AHI.
~M.C. and T.B.

Ian was professional in every sense of the word and paid close attention to detail – from helping those who became sick while traveling, to locating lost luggage, to making certain I had my vegetarian meals, to all the behind-the-scenes activities that make a trip go smoothly. Ian is to be commended for always maintaining his positive outlook and good humor. He was always available to answer questions and has a vast knowledge of the history of Scotland. This was our first trip with AHI and I would not hesitate to recommend your organization to others. Hopefully, all your Campus Directors are as excellent as Ian Fraser.

I am writing to inform you of our feelings about the travel director, Enrique Trave. AHI's pre-trip brochure, “What to Expect,” advertised the travel director as a professional who would take care of all our needs, and would be personable and knowledgeable. This brochure did not do justice to Enrique. He clearly exceeded the brochure's descriptions. Not only did he perform his services efficiently and effectively, he did so with energy, good humor, tact and friendliness. More importantly, his aplomb and professionalism gave all of us a sense of confidence and assurance that, although we were traveling at the end of the world, he could resolve any problems quickly and efficiently. I can tell you all of the other travelers in our group feel the same way about Enrique... Thank you again for a wonderful trip.

Like quite a few others in our group, I had never taken a tour before. I was drawn to this one by Machu Picchu. I live in New York and Australia and have traveled extensively, so I can well appreciate what effort went into this tour to make the logistics go so successful. In particular I would like to commend Alejandra Ciabieses, who led the tour with great competence and charm... I would be pleased to travel with your organization again.

My husband and I took our first AHI trip last May to Greece and two islands. We have traveled extensively with other tour companies and on our own. However, we love AHI the most. Most importantly we enjoyed Mia Blaauw. She made an enormous difference to our experience. Her knowledge, consistent good humor, utmost competence and caring were extraordinary.
~G.M. and H.M.

I can't be more gung ho about future trips. I have had the time of my life. This has truly been the trip of a lifetime. You have made this fun, educational and an absolute delight. Thank you.

Christine and Anja were absolutely superb, allowing freedom of choice to make our own appointments without worrying. Anticipated our every need. Sergey witty and knowledgeable.

The Campus Director Nadia Magarò was exceptional. Her knowledge of the area, her attention to detail and her effort to make the trip fun was most appreciated. She is a tremendous asset to the ACA program.

We loved this trip. And we feel it was even more special due to Nadia's attention and focus and details and the effort she put forth in assuring a true vacation pleasure for us.

Beata was everything you could ask for – friendly, available, efficient, always making things run smoothly.

Recently, I returned from a fabulous AHI Travel trip starting in Bucharest, Romania and continuing on a cruise to the Ukraine via the Dneiper River and ending in Kiev. The person who made our trip so interesting and informative was our excellent lecturer, Philip Ryan. His knowledge and presentations were outstanding. He added a sense of humor and wit.

We want to especially comment on our Travel Director, Pamela Rogers. She was superb. Not only was she smart and so knowledgeable about Greece, but she was so personable, friendly and organized. She is a real treasure.
~K.H. and B. H.

We wish to single out one person on the trip that lived up to your credo. She is your Travel Director, Christine Guyot. She truly was kind, competent and respectful: traits that you singled out in your letter to us before the trip. Her attention to details assured smooth transfers between cities, visitation to sights and well-planned cultural activities… There is no doubt that we shall strongly consider AHI Travel in the future.
~L.B. and B.G.

Charlotta spent much time/effort providing info regarding French culture, cuisine, habits, etc which made an important contribution to the high quality of the trip. She was above excellent.

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